DSL Tour 2023

2023 is the year of the “4U Tour” that will see us play numerous gigs in Europe, North America, South America, which are dedicated to all of you who follow and love us, and dedicated to our dear friend and manager Riccardo who is no longer with us. We started with a long tour in … Read moreDSL Tour 2023

‼️Brazilian Tour postponed to May 2022‼️

The tour that would take place in Brazil now in January and February has been postponed to May. The postponement was due to protocols and restrictions, including audience limits and a ban on gatherings, recently announced by the authorities of cities where the tour would pass. Another factor that contributed to the postponement was the … Read more‼️Brazilian Tour postponed to May 2022‼️

⚠️USA Tour dates have been canceled⚠️

Friday, August 14 DSL DIRE STRAITS LEGACY CANCELS U.S. SUMMER TOUR 2021 LAS VEGAS – After 18 months of being forced to the sidelines by the COVID-19 pandemic, DSL Dire Straits Legacy was excited to announce seven new U.S. tour dates that would have begun in Syracuse, New York on August 24. Unfortunately for the band … Read more⚠️USA Tour dates have been canceled⚠️

Brazil rocks! South American Tour 2019

We love Brazil. There’s a song on our 3 Chord Trick album called Two Days Off, which is, strangely enough, about 2 days off. We were in a nice hotel overlooking the sea in Florianoplis, Brazil, and we had an impromptu party on the beach which lasted 2 days. And Alan wrote a song about … Read moreBrazil rocks! South American Tour 2019