The Band

PHIL PALMER – Guitars and Vocals

Phil joined Dire Straits in 1990 and played on the band’s On Every Street record and world tour and on the On the Night live album. Regarded by his peers as one of the world’s top guitarists, he’s played on over 450 albums and toured with an impressive list of the world’s greatest artists; think of a name and Phil has probably played with that artist. One of those artists was Eric Clapton, whose band he joined in 1988, and where he met his Dire Straits colleague Alan Clark.

ALAN CLARK – Keyboards

Alan joined Dire Straits in 1980 as the band’s first keyboard player, and thereafter became the only member of the band besides Mark Knopfler to play on every track the band made. A co-producer of the “On Every Street” album, he was regarded by his colleagues as Dire Straits’ musical director, and his influence on the band’s music is apparent. In 2018, Alan was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a significant member of Dire Straits. He has also played and recorded with a long list of other artists which includes Bob Dylan, and he was a member of Eric Clapton’s band and Tina Turner’s musical director. More recently, he produced with Phil Palmer, the stunning 3 Chord Trick album by LEGACY, Alan, Phil and Trevor Horn produced Italian megastar Renato Zero’s hugely successful album Zero il Folle, and Alan and Phil went on to produce tracks on Renato’s triple album Zerosettanta. In 2021, Alan released a solo piano album Backstory, and also performs as a solo artist.

TREVOR HORN – Bass & Vocals

A legend in the music industry, Trevor is widely regarded as the world’s greatest record producer. He first came to the world’s attention with The Buggles and his worldwide hit “Video Killed the Radio Star”, then went on to produce some of the anthems of the Eighties, including ABC’s “Lexicon of Love”, Yes’s “Owner of a Lonely Heart”, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s number one hits “Relax”, “Two Tribes” and “The Power of Love”. One of the two Grammy winners in who are members of DSL, he has produced hits for Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Rod Stewart, Godley and Creme, Marc Almond, Barry Manilow, Cher, Boyzone, 10cc, Bryan Ferry, John Legend, Lisa Stansfield, Robbie Williams, Grace Jones, Simple Minds and many others, and somehow found the time to replace Jon Anderson as the vocalist in the band YES. But he started in the music business as a bass player, and while he’s still producing major records, he somehow finds the time to play with us. Why? Because he enjoys it. And he’s great!

DANNY CUMMINGS – Percussions & Vocals

Danny joined Dire Straits as their percussionist in 1990 and played on the On Every Street album and tour, and the the On the Night live record. One of the few truly great percussion players of our generation, he’s worked with many great artists including Tina Turner, George Michael, Bryan Adams, Pino Daniele, and he was Mark Knopfler’s drummer for many years. Danny has just completed Mark’s world tour, on this occasion as his percussionist.

MEL COLLINS – Saxophone

A sublime player and a legend in the music world, Mel joined up with Dire Straits in 1982 and played on the Love over Gold album and tour, the Twisting by the Pool EP, and the iconic Alchemy live album. He’s also played with a massive and ever-increasing list of major artists and bands that includes the Rolling Stones. An original member of King Crimson, he’s currently on a very successful world tour with the original line-up of that band – when he’s not with us, that is.

MARCO CAVIGLIA – Lead Guitar and vocal

In love with the music of Dire Straits, and one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject as well as being one of the very few guitarists gifted enough to emulate the guitar style of Mark Knopfler, Marco formed a band in 1988 to play the music, which later led to him touring with Mark Knopfler’s sidekick Steve Phillips from the Notting Hillbillies. But his dream was to play with his Dire Straits “heroes”, and that dream became true in 2007 when he played in Northern Italy with Dire Straits members Alan Clark and John Illsley, and later with Dire Straits’ Phil Palmer, Pick Withers, Danny Cummings, Mel Collins and Jack Sonni, and now he’s one of the fantastic line-up that is DSL Dire Straits Legacy.


Another Roman and a wonderful musician, Primi is probably Italy’s most sought after keyboard player, a fact born out by his full diary, the long lists of records he’s played on and shows he’s played with artists that include Richard Bennett, Steve Phillips, Gigi Proietti and Neri Marcorè. He also plays great accordion, has two dogs, and is the nicest guy in the band.


Cristiano Micalizzi, a Grammy awarded drummer, has recorded drums on more than 200 albums worldwide. He’s also performed live with artists including Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, Frank McComb, Stef Burns, Darryl Jones, Bernard Fowler, Tim Ries, Ben Sidran, Stuart Ham, Herbie Goins, Bruce Bartlett, Joy Malcolm, Dave Binney, Z-Star, Sharlene Hector, Belinda Skinner, Deitra Farr, Tollak Ollestad and many others. Very active as a freelance performer and musical director in many different styles of music, he is currently the official Dire Straits Legacy drummer.

to our Beloved friend Jack Sonni

He played on Dire Straits’ Brothers In Arms album, and he was “the man in the red coat” on the Brothers in Arms world tour, on Live Aid, and on all the videos from that album. Jack performs with enthusiasm and a spontaneity that is a joy to behold, and has played with countless top musicians in every corner of the United States, and always with passion and a rock attitude par excellence..

Forever with us.